5 Great Parks and Playgrounds in Colorado Springs

By Nicole Hoeper, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Colorado Springs & Colorado Springs - Olympic City USA June 25, 2019

We are lucky in Colorado Springs to have so many great playgrounds and parks to explore. From swings to slides, to climbing walls and water features, Colorado Springs' parks and playgrounds keep my kids active, are a great place to meet old friends (and make new friends), and they're FREE!

I often get asked what our favorite playgrounds are, so I thought I'd share here with you my family's picks for our top five playgrounds and parks to visit in Colorado Springs.

Locations are listed alphabetically:

America the Beautiful Fantasy Playground

126 Cimino Dr.

Colorado Springs

What we love about America the Beautiful Fantasy Playground: 

The America the Beautiful Park Fantasy Playground includes fun & unique play equipment plus an amazing Rocky Mountain view! My family enjoys America the Beautiful Fantasy Playground because of the unique equipment that our kids can climb, swing and spin on. There are interactive pieces of art, called Quirks, located on one side of the playground. The Quirks were created through the help of almost 100 students from Bristol Elementary, Columbia Elementary, Globe Charter, and Washington Elementary Schools.

The view of Pikes Peak from this Colorado Springs park is incredible! There's a large grassy area to enjoy in front of the Julie Penrose Fountain. Once we're worn out from the playground, our family likes to wonder over to the grassy area to hang out for a bit. There, you can kick around a soccer ball, fly a kite or relax on a picnic blanket as your kids splash in the fountain. The sculptural fountain represents "the life-giving movement of water between the atmosphere and the earth" designed by David Barber and Bill Burgess. If you watch closely, you will notice that the Julie Penrose Fountain rotates as well as sprays water. It has a mote around it that is fun for kids to splash in and walk through. Surrounding the park are both the Midland Trail and Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, great for family bike rides.

Amenities at America the Beautiful Fantasy Playground: 

  • Playground
  • Walking paths
  • Picnic pavilion
  • Large grassy area
  • Restrooms
  • Access to Midland Trail
  • Access to Pikes Peak Greenway Trail
  • Julie Penrose Fountain

John Venezia Community Park

3555 Briargate Pkwy.

Colorado Springs

What we love about John Venezia Community Park: 

John Venezia Community Park has been the talk of the town since being opened just a couple of years ago. The sprawling area that this park covers has an ongoing ranch theme which is eye catching and great for young children's imaginations. With this Colorado Springs' parks popularity, there are days when it is busy however children can enjoy this park in sections: The Homestead, The Corral, The Watering Hole, The Round Pin, The Range and The Pastures. My children really enjoy climbing up onto the spinning evergreen tree. Much like a merry-go-round, this tree allows you to both spin and climb up to it's pointy top on it's spider web-like ropes. There are plenty of tennis courts to enjoy and a huge, 3-size turf soccer field.

Amenities at John Venezia Community Park: 

The park has a ranch theme with elements designed to resemble what would be traditionally found on a homestead; including:

  • "The Homestead:" a large pavilion and picnic area with orchards and parking lot
  • "The Corral:" a universally accessible playground and shade shelters
  • "The Watering Hole:" a spray ground (restrooms located in this area)
  • "The Round Pin:" a small artificial turf field
  • "The Range:" three size "A" soccer fields, in-line hockey rink/basketball court, four pickleball courts, plaza overlooking multi-use fields, small playground, restrooms, two parking lots, nearby on-street parking
  • "The Pastures:" 3 reservable pavilions and two shade shelters, gravel walking loops, parking lot
  • Briargate Trail (along Briargate Parkway), two miles of interior sidewalks, two acres of Bluegrass

Nancy Lewis Park

2615 Logan Ave.

Colorado Springs

What we love about Nancy Lewis Park: 

Recently renovated, Nancy Lewis Park in Colorado Springs is a favorite park with our Macaroni Kid subscribers. My children are drawn to the play equipment that's unique and not found at other parks, such as a spinning sphere that you can sit in. It has openings to see out of and textures that are fun to run your hands across. There's a scavenger hunt wall that shows you images such as a frog and smiley face to seek out as your playing. The pond at Nancy Lewis Park is relaxing to sit by after a long day of play. Filled with lily pads, you can sit and watch the ducks swim by. There's also a beautiful waterfall area that spills into the pond with a stone walkway to cross over.

Amenities at Nancy Lewis Park: 

  • Handicap accessible
  • Croquet/ putting green
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Pond/ waterfall/ fountain
  • Playground with fitness equipment
  • Picnic shelter
  • Seasonal restrooms
  • Hospice tree dedication legacy wall
  • Sidewalk paths

Palmer Park

3650 Maizeland Rd.

Colorado Springs

What we love about Palmer Park: 

A multitude of activities can be found at Palmer Park. When we go there to play, we also throw in a little hiking, have a picnic or go on a scenic drive to the scenic overlook. We love this roomy Colorado Springs playground with tall slides and monkey bars, mostly built of wood and metal. Have a dog in tow? There's an enclosed dog park to let them run and play at. Palmer Park is one of a few sites in Colorado Springs that tell visitors to go see for themselves. There are many hiking trails to check out and the scenic overlook has an amazing view of our beautiful city!

Amenities at Palmer Park: 

  • Two baseball/ softball fields
  • Playground
  • Football/ soccer field
  • Horse stables
  • Restrooms
  • Scenic overlook and drive
  • Picnicking (including some large groups with reservation shelters- Lazyland, Meadows, Youth Camp and Council Grounds)
  • Botanical reserve
  • Seven Castles geological point of interest
  • Over 25 miles of trails (hiking, jogging, equestrian)
  • Three volleyball courts
  • Dog park

Swing High Playground (Memorial Park)

715 Prospect Lake Dr.

Colorado Springs

What we love about Swing High Playground: 

Swing High Playground connects it's outdoor-themed equipment with ramps so that children of all abilities can enjoy the highly textured, nature-inspired events like the Tree House, Log Slide and Log Tunnel. A bright yellow flower shade structure makes play panels in that area more comfortable to play with in the sunny Colorado Springs elements. Colorado Springs families can engage in play together along the ramps and walkways. My kids really enjoy a giant push on the "Sway Fun." It rocks back and forth with the sensation of being on choppy water.

Fun Fact: Olympic silver medalist in gymnastics and long-time COS resident, Michelle Dusserre-Farrell, was a HUGE advocate and leader in creating Swing High as a universally accessible playground. Her oldest daughter, Abby, was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. Abby now attends the University of Illinois where she is on the women’s wheelchair basketball team, and she is interning locally at USA Triathlon this summer. Here's a great article on her.

Amenities at Swing High Playground: 

  • Log slide
  • Harness swings with back supports
  • Elevated tables
  • Accessible activity panels
  • Accessible pathways
  • Rubber surfacing
  • Log crawl tunnel
  • Natural climbers
  • Seasonal restrooms
  • Public access to Palmer Lake where fishing, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking are popular

Hope this list of top five playgrounds and parks in Colorado Springs helps you find -- or rediscover! -- some fun places for your family to explore this summer. Now get those kids out to play!

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